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In the last newsletter, I told all of you about how Baker Auction Company was going to ensure that our clients were able to hold their fundraisers, even in the midst of a pandemic, by providing professionally filmed and broadcast virtual auctions. As optimistic as we were about this new idea and what it could mean for our clients who have had to postpone or cancel live fundraising events, when I told you all about it a few months ago, it was still just an idea. We hadn’t yet put it into practice. However, as of very recently, we successfully hosted our first virtual auction, and based on that experience, we can now confidently say that Baker Auction Company’s virtual auctions are a viable alternative to live fundraising events.

Our first virtual auction was for St. Joe’s Catholic School here in Boise. Understandably, their leadership entered the process with a healthy dose of caution, but in the end, there was nothing to be worried about. They trusted our team to carry out a virtual fundraiser in place of the live auction they had planned for earlier this year, and we pulled it off. Everyone who participated had a great time, we made the auction interactive and enjoyable, and they were still able to raise a good deal of money for their programs.

If St. Joe’s case can be taken as an example of how successful virtual auctions can be, and I think it can, then the rest of our clients should have nothing to worry about as they go into the planning process with us. Once you get educated on the process and see how easy it is, we can help ensure that your virtual fundraiser will be fun, interactive, and successful. If you’re worried about your donors being as interested in a virtual auction as a live one, don’t be. In our experience, if your donors believe in your organization’s cause, they will find ways to give.

That’s not to say, however, that the era of live auctions is over. People still love going to live events. They love seeing people and being seen by other people — just look at how quickly people rushed back to Boise’s nightlife the minute the bars and restaurants opened back up! That’s why we want to stress that virtual auctions are just one alternative that your organization can choose from when you work with Baker Auction Company. Depending on how quickly your state government is allowing businesses to reopen, and how many people they’re allowing to gather, hosting a live auction might be a viable option.

For those of you living in cities and states where you could go either way, we’re also going to start offering a “hybrid” auction, where people can attend the event live or participate virtually from home. As times remain uncertain, we want to account for that uncertainty and accommodate all of you in whatever way possible.

So, with all these options on the table, we at Baker Auction Company want you to make sure you know what you want your event to look like. Do you feel up to planning a live event? Great. Do you want to host a virtual event? We’re your team. Do your research and see if any other events companies or auctioneers are putting as much production value, interactivity, and fun into their events as we are. Believe me, you won’t find one. With the addition of our hybrid events, we can guarantee that for any situation Baker Auction Company is your go-to auction planning and hosting team. Check out our Facebook page,, and website for details and more information.

Introducing the Baker Auction Company Simulcast Auction: The Best of Live and Virtual Auctions Together

At the time of writing this, COVID-19 cases are spiking again. Cities and states that once planned to fully reopen their economies by now are reverting back to earlier stages. If you’re the leader of a nonprofit organization trying to figure out how to put on a fundraiser, this probably isn’t good news. However, if you’re thinking about canceling, you should hear about Baker Auction Company’s new simulcast auction option first.

I mentioned in the cover of this newsletter that Baker Auction Company would be offering a “hybrid” event option for cities with limits on how many people can gather in one place. In this situation, we can still help your organization put on a live auction for a limited number of people, while also creating an option for your supporters to be a part of the auction from their homes.

By doing this, you can have the best of both worlds. Your supporters can have all the fun and glamor of being at a live fundraiser auction if they want, or they can participate from home where they feel safe. All the while, because of the capacity limits, you’ll save on venue and food costs and potentially have more people participating than you would at a regular live auction, when you combine the number of live participants with those who tune in online.

Our simulcast auctions are made possible by a special software program we’ve developed, and they make it easier than ever for people to participate online. All they have to do is click the login link, and they’ll be able to watch the live auction and the paddle raise in real time. Whenever an item goes up for auction, a picture of it will pop up on their screen, along with the option to bid on it. At the live venue, participants will be able to see when someone bid from their home. The auction will be as seamless as it would be if everyone were in the room!

There are a lot of remote video auctions happening out there that just aren’t much fun. But, if you sign on with us, all your donors will get an energetic performance that will wow them wherever they are!

Baker Auction Company’s Collaboration With Winspire: The Beginning of a Long, Successful Partnership

“At Winspire, it’s our goal to help as many nonprofit organizations raise as much money as they need to fund their projects and programs. We do this by making thousands of luxury travel packages available for them to offer at their fundraising auctions. Unfortunately, the world is still reeling from the COVID-19 pandemic, and thousands of fundraising events have been canceled or postponed. In the midst of that, however, I’ve been happy to work with Tyson Baker and Baker Auction Company to create luxury travel packages for their new virtual auctions.

I first connected with Tyson through Danielle Snelson, an event planner in Boise. From there, I’ve been continually pleased with the experience I’ve had working with Tyson and his crew. What’s impressed me the most through the course of collaborating with them on this exciting new project is how well-rounded they are when it comes to working with different charities and nonprofits. Baker Auction Company caters their performance to the donors and makes the auction a success, whether it be for a school, a health care facility, or another type of organization.

Working with Baker Auction Company will be the first time Winspire has offered a luxury travel package for virtual auctions. While there are always risks while moving into uncharted territory, we’re looking forward to working together on this new package. As I’ve gotten to know Tyson, I can see that he wants to use his skills to help nonprofits of all sorts. That’s the sentiment at the heart of Winspire’s mission as well.

As we move into the uncertain future, I’m looking forward to a long, successful partnership between our two companies. I think we’ll be able to help a lot of organizations, and in turn, a lot of people in need during these difficult times.”

- Jason Champion

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